Custom Crosshead for Lifting in the Oilfield Industry

Custom Manufacturing of Crossheads
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Westfield Machine, Inc. has consummate experience for manufacturing components that provide longevity in the most demanding environments. We manufactured the custom crosshead components pictured here for use in a lifting application in the oilfield industry. Constructed from A633 steel plate, we utilized our 4-axis milling equipment, which enabled us to create tool paths for cutting the complex shape at high speed in this tough material with no loss of accuracy. Featuring overall dimensions of 8.0” in width, 12.0” in length, and 1.5” in thickness, we machined the parts with a 125 surface finish.

We conducted final inspections in accordance with the sector-specific quality standards of the petroleum industry, and verified that we met the ±.005” tolerance requirements. The customer was assured of receiving components that would provide zero-fail performance in tough oilfield conditions.

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