Custom Stabbing Guides & Body Components for the Oilfield Industry

Stabbing Guides & Body Components
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The expert team at Westfield Machine, Inc. has a solid understanding of the oilfield industry and the critical requirements of subsea equipment. We manufactured the custom quick disconnect stabbing guide and stabbing body components shown here, and our project management skills helped us optimize set up times and implement best methods of manufacture.

Fabricated from A108 carbon steel, this large-scale assembly features an outer diameter of 50” and components with lengths up to 72”. We utilized our computer-controlled equipment and 6-jaw chucking system to machine the components with no distortion on the straightness, profile, concentricity, and all other geometric features. Dimensional inspection verified that we maintained tolerances of ±.005”, while magnetic particle inspection revealed that it was free of flaws that could potentially compromise its performance in an offshore application. Our commitment to quality assured that this assembly would provide long-term use through rough seas and adverse weather conditions.

Current production is at the rate of 4 units per year; each manufactured and delivered on an 8-week timeline. If you would like more information about this project or how our invaluable industry expertise can benefit your next project, contact us today.

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