Custom Hydraulic Parts for the Oilfield Industry

Hydraulic Parts
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Westfield Machine, Inc. is well-regarded supplier of superior quality components for use in the oilfield industry. For this project, we were asked to manufacture the annular components shown here for use in a hydraulic system. Material of construction was premium grade 8630 steel alloy, and we used our high-capacity CNC machining centers to efficiently turn and mill the large 22” diameter work pieces while maintaining ±.002” tolerances.

Quality is critical in the oilfield industry, where the slightest defect can have major ramifications to production safety and efficiency. Our experienced technicians executed a multi-step quality assessment process that included ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing to ensure that there were no surface imperfections or internal flaws that would compromise in-field performance. They also verified the material characteristics and made a final dimensional inspection.

These components are field-proven to provide reliability and longevity in this petroleum industry application, and we currently produce them in a quantity of 50 on an annual basis. If you would like more information about this project or our targeted oil industry manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

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